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About Nccf

The Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship is a provision God made in fulfillment of his prophecy given by the well-known British missionary to Nigeria, Pa Sydney Granville Elton in the 1930s the prophecy states that “a time will come when Nigeria will pay her youths to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in the nooks and crannies of the nation” this prophecy tarried for some years, however in the year 1973, during the regime of the then Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, with a view to the proper encouragement and development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity the National Youth Service Corps scheme was established, Ignorant of the prophecy but under God’s direction, Christian Corp Members were committed to : Prayer, Bible study, Witnessing Christ and Fellowship in all the NYSC orientation camps across the nation and the fellowship continued everywhere these corp members were posted to. 


The Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship (NCCF) is a body of Christian members who are dedicated to serving God and humanity within their service year, we are a fellowship that accommodates Christian corps members and helps in focusing their relationship with God irrespective of their gender, tribe and denomination. NCCF is an inter-denominational and non-denominational fellowship comprising of Christian corpers cutting across different denominations, we are popularly referred to as JESUS CORPERS.

NCCF as a body is tripartite in nature: first a fellowship (as it started in 1973 at the various orientation camps, where corp members met to pray together, study together, witness Christ and share fellowship with one another), then it became a duly registered and recognized organization (in the year 1990, with the Corporate Affairs Commission in accordance to the Company and Matters Allied Acts, Decree No 1 of 1990, it has a corporate and distinct identity, has structures at National, State and Zonal levels) and it also runs as a family (progressively as corp members were posted to different locations within the states and other corpers from subsequent batches are posted to those locations, divine providence brought them  together and they started to live together as a family and share fellowship)


We Are: One Big Family

-          United (One)

The fellowship is all accommodating as it makes room for all Christian Corpers who are genuinely saved through the reason of the washing of the blood of Jesus Christ and have a focused relationship with God, irrespective of their gender, tribe, church affiliation and the like.


-          All Over Nigeria (Big)

The fellowship has functional secretariats in all the 36 State of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It is from these secretariats that the activities within each state are being coordinated. Also in a bid to ensure proper spread and effective coordination, the state chapters also have zones and sub-zones under them. Anywhere Christian Corpers are found, you are sure to find NCCF. We operate even in remote places even where there are no churches. In fact, all local government areas are within our reach. There has been no mountain too high or valley too low for us to cross. NCCF has its National Headquarter, located in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.


-      Loved by Our Parents, Appreciated by Senior Friends, Enjoyed by Members  (Family)

The fellowship at the state level maintains a Board of Patrons, who plays an advisory role to the fellowship at that level and at the national level, a board of Trustee - a group of highly respected people in the country who have a close relationship with God, Senior Friends who consistently appreciate God for the privilege of being part of NCCF and so doing supports the fellowship in all ways possible and serving Christian Corp Members who partake and benefit in all the vision of NCCF entails 


·      To ensure that corp members encounter Jesus Christ and are effectively equipped to preach the gospel and disciple men everywhere in Nigeria.

The fellowship is committed primarily to a life of service to God and humanity through various outreaches and community service programs that we organize. This is what makes RURAL RUGGED EVANGELISM our core value, our core vision and mission, our motto, our priority.

We are also committed to raising up generation of Godly men and women who understand the meaning of a life of sacrifice and leadership, by impacting them with life changing principles and equally through our conferences.



We do Evangelism, Discipleship and Fellowship, We accommodate one another and live a Christian Communal Life under the same roof.


-                RURAL OUTREACHES (Rural Rugged Evangelism)

This is when NCCF gets into villages and communities (nooks and crannies as prophesied) with the Gospel of Christ, a lot of spiritual work is done; principalities and powers of darkness are unseated and dislodged. The Gospel is preached in the native language of the people (sometimes using interpreters and films produced in the native language).

During the rural outreach, we organize clean-up exercise, share clothing and foot wears, bath the children, make the children and women's hair, administer free Medical services (with the aid of a team of medical and paramedical specialists), and even administer drugs/vaccines to animals

-                URBAN OUTREACHES (Urban Rugged Evangelism)

Schools, Remand Homes, Prisons and Hospitals Outreaches

We also maintains a constant (weekly) ministry to the prisons, orphanage, less privileged homes and hospitals to ensure that those staying in such places are reached with the love and care necessary to reach them for God. We are also involved in neighborhood and market evangelism.



We do engage in discipleship classes, bible study and bible teaching about the person and lifestyle of Jesus Christ our Lord, we enjoy fellowship through our various worship gatherings, prayer meetings and conferences which help in sustaining corps members in the faith and thereby creating an environment of love and fellowship for some of the corps members posted to remote/ lonely places where there are no churches.



In all the 36 states of the federation including the state capital, NCCF has family houses and family house annex in zones where we accommodate each other and live a practicable Christian life during our service year.


·         Through the help of the Holy Ghost

·         The Executives

·         Our Programs and Conferences

·         Through the seven (7) functional units

-       Prayer unit

-       Bible Study unit

-       Evangelism unit

-       Musical unit (Tribe of Praise)

-       Drama unit 

-       Publicity unit: ICT, Media, Audio visual and Editorial, Decoration

-       Transport And Organizing unit: Ushering, Technical, Transport, Sanitation

·         Participation



NCCF is a Vision for All time; you can be part of this vision, you can be part of what God is doing through

·         Spiritual Intentional Commitment

·         Programs Commitment

·         Unit Commitment

·         Financial Commitment.

If you are a Nigerian, a Christian and a serving corp member, NCCF Is Your Fellowship! NCCF: One Big Family



·         Tithes

·         Offering

·         Capitation (One of twelve months Federal Government Allowance)

·         Jesus Corpers’ levy (Remitted to the National)

·         Freewill Donations



Call: Do you really, really, really.

Response: I really, really really/2ce

Call: I really oh… I really oh (same response)

Call: I really oh oh oh (same response)

Call: Tell me do you love this family

Response: I love this family of God.

So closely knitted into one.

They have taken me into their arms and

I’m so glad to be a part of this great family


(Call and Response is the same)

Hands in hands together we will go

Don’t you know you mean so much to me?

Don’t you know I mean so much to you?

I need you to build this family.

You need me to build this family.

You and I will build this family.

All of us will build this family.


Higher and higher we will go

Stronger and stronger we will be

NCCF will never ever die.

NYSC will never ever die.

Patrons will never ever die

Senior friends will never ever die

Rural rugged will never ever die.

Batch B’s will never ever die.

Batch C’s will never ever die.

Batch A’s will never ever die.


I love the way you walk,

I love the way you talk,

I love the way you smile

And I love the way you dance.

Yes I love you with the love of the Lord (2x).


We are heirs of the Father.

We are joint heirs with the Son.

We are troops of God’s kingdom.

We are family.

We are one


Nccf Members accross the Nation
State Family House and Annxes across the Nation
Projects Done across Nation

Nccf Directories

Nigeira Christian Corpers Fellowship State Houses Directories Excerpt

Nccf Abuja

0706 827 7440

Nccf Yobe

Damaturu, Nigeria/

Nccf Lagos

+234 802 332 0483

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Nccf Kebbi

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